Learning English Online: Reading Exercise upon Gun Violence in typically the Integrated States


Browsing Exercise inside English for Intermediate in addition to Upper-Intermediate Amounts. Read the pursuing text message, learn new language and answer the inquiries below:

“Every year, there are more in comparison with ten thousand gun-related demise in the United Expresses. Among created countries, the idea is by far often the state with the best ordinary of homicides scheduled to weapons. Massacres and even shootings continue to keep happening generally there on a regular foundation. Nobody has forgotten the 20 children who were being wiped out by Adam Venablo from Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

Still, despite all these tragedies, nothing is being done to change the gun regulations in the us. Why? Mainly for a pair of causes: 1) the firearm market and gun organizations for example the NRA are very powerful, in addition to 2) guns are an significant portion of the country’s individuality. Certainly, in the eighteenth century, once the U. S. nation was developed, Us citizens lived in the outdoors land full of adversaries and dangers. Tools for instance guns were being essential for protection and survival. This particular is so why the best suited to keep and bear firearms grew to become part involving the U. S. Composition.

The challenge is the fact that, today, the idea that will Us citizens need guns in order to protect them selves is ridiculous. This is the modern world and the U. S. should certainly be a civil country which knows that the proliferation of markers causes more transgression together with insecurity, not less. This statistical truth has already been proven over and above in other developed countries wherever stringent gun laws are usually in spot.

Thus, to help solve the problem of gun abuse in America, there could be only one option: less guns. Three hundred ten million guns can be currently in circulation in the U. S. That variety must go down simply because soon as possible, but exactly how? The two more urgent measures are 1) to prohibit assault items with high-capacity publications, and even 2) in order to introduce common background checks to make convinced that criminals and mentally insane people are definitely not competent to purchase guns any more. inch


Firearms: weapons.

NRA: Domestic Rifle Affiliation.

Rifle: style of gun.

Composition: typically the fundamental principles of a new country.

To ban: for you to make unlawful.

Assault weaponry: semi-automatic gun with high-capacity magazines.

Newspaper: some sort of completely removable receptacle with a gun containing typically the bullets.

General background checks: confirming legal and mental wellness files before selling firearms for you to a person.

Ridiculous: outrageous.


1. What was initially one of many last big filming tragedies in American historical past?

minimal payments How can Us residents make sure that thieves and crazy people don’t get access to guns?

three or more. Exactly why did the proper to keep together with keep guns become section of the Circumstance. S. Large rifle primers ?

four. Precisely how many Americans die via firearms each year?

a few. What do Americans want to fully grasp in this 21st millennium if they happen to be to be able to be seen as a civilized country?

6. Exactly why are usually gun laws not necessarily modified in America?

8. What is the solution to gun violence in America?

8. What is the name with the strongest gun-rights association in the states?

9. Just what are the two first steps that should end up being taken to help to make gun physical violence in America lessen?


1. Sandy Hook Basic School.

2. By way of introducing universal background investigations.

3. Because at the fact that time, guns have been key for the protection and even survival of Americans.

4. A lot more than 10, 000.

5 various. That more guns increase criminal offenses and even insecurity.

6. Because the weapon business and gun associations are very powerful, and because markers are an important portion of the Circumstance. Ersus. identity.

7. To lessen the particular amount of guns in the country.

8. The particular National Gun Association.

hunting for. Ban strike weapons and even introduce worldwide background investigations.

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