Dear Friends,

This will be my last year serving as your state senator.  My term ends in January 2015 and I am still here to serve you until then.  

However, having completed 37 years in the General Assembly, I decided it's time to make way for the next generation of political leaders. Thank you for allowing me this wonderful opportunity.  Please continue to send your ideas and concerns.


2014 Legislative Summary

   For my last session, I accomplished my key legislative goals.  I introduced bills that resulted in new state laws cracking down on home invasion, targeting habitual drunk drivers, and increasing protections for human trafficking victims. 

   I also succeeded in my efforts to let families pass on more of their estates to their heirs.

   Further, I am proud to have been a sponsor of major legislative initiatives that finally succeeded after years of effort.

   These are Maryland's new laws that raise the minimum wage, increase protection for domestic violence victims, decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, and ensure equal protection under the law for all citizens.


   Looking back, I have accomplished so much more than I imagined at the start of my first term (1978!).  This year will be bittersweet for me but I will give my best, as always.


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